dBx for Property Developers

dBx Acoustics works alongside developers such as Mulbury, Urban Splash, Acorn Blue and Marrico Asset Management to support their projects at all stages of construction, from planning through to construction and completion. We pride ourselves on being able to provide this comprehensive service as a ‘one stop’ for all of your noise and acoustic related requirements.

Examples of the services we provide at different stages include;


  • Noise and vibration surveys and noise impact assessment for planning

  • Acoustic modelling to predict noise impact on speculative development.

  • Advice on glazing and ventilation strategy for compliance with relevant standards and planning requirements.

  • BS8233:2014 residential and commercial noise impact assessment.

  • BS4142:2014 plant noise impact assessment.

Detailed Design

  • Advice on appropriate acoustic design standards with reference to both formal and informal requirements including planning requirements, British Standards, Building Regulations and BREEAM.

  • Acoustic specification of floors and partitions to control airborne and impact sound insulation.

  • Room acoustic design and modelling to ensure appropriate conditions for your project – whether it’s a school, office, restaurant, conference centre, or even a concert hall – there’s nothing we can’t help with.

  • Building services noise control, both within a building to provide appropriate acoustic conditions, and control of noise emissions to the surrounding area.

  • Acoustic specification of façade and glazing to control noise intrusion and noise emissions.

  • Junction and penetration details to control sound flanking.


  • BS5228 construction noise impact assessment and Section 61 (S61) agreements.

  • Construction noise, dust and vibration monitoring.


  • Acoustic commissioning testing to confirm compliance with standards such as BB93 (schools), HTM 08-01 (healthcare), and Approved Document E (residential).

  • Verification noise surveys to confirm compliance with planning conditions.

  • dBx Acoustics is UKAS accredited (laboratory number 9473) to carry out sound insulation testing for Building Control compliance.

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