Cotton Field Wharf, New Islington, Manchester

dBx Acoustics worked with contractor John Sisk & Son on the design and construction of 302 rental apartments in the Cotton Field Wharf development which sits adjacent to the marina in New Islington, Manchester.

The client was Manchester Life and the project completed in December 2017.

dBx supported Sisk in their successful tender for the project and worked with them to develop appropriate specifications for party walls and floors, facade elements, building services noise control and reverberation control. We carried out a comprehensive noise survey around the site to confirm assumptions made during the early design stages. Near project completion we carried out a series of airborne and impact sound insulation measurements to confirm the acoustic intent for the design was achieved.

Our work in reviewing and refining the acoustic design of the project ensured the client’s aspirations for a high quality development, exceeding the requirements of Approved Document E, were not only met but we managed to offer significant cost savings compared to the original design which was issued to the tendering contractors.