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A crowd at a music festival

Festival Season 2024!

Festival Season 2024 is well and truly upon the dBx Acoustics team, and as ever we are loving being out in the fresh air and hearing some great music.
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Acoustic Design and the WELL Building Standard

Various environmental characteristics can have direct impacts on mental health and well-being, such as housing, crowding, noise, indoor air quality, and light The WELL Building Standard, originally introduced in the US, [...]
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What Is An Acoustic Consultant, Anyway?

All of the technical staff at dBx Acoustics, and at other consultancies, would describe themselves as acoustic consultants. Broadly speaking, we would define an acoustic consultant as a qualified specialist. They may [...]
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The Flaw in the STEM System

I am writing this on Women in STEM day. I’m one of those women, and I’ve never really thought about it before. Why is it that women still aren’t routinely considering [...]
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