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dBx Case Studies - Construction

Noise, dust and vibration are the necessary evils of any construction site, particularly during demolition on urban sites. We are also able to model and predict construction noise and vibration impact to support Section 61 applications and agree to appropriate limits on on-site emissions with the Local Authority.

We provide and maintain on-site noise, dust and vibration monitoring systems for use on construction and industrial sites. By carefully monitoring the levels of these pollutants, we are able to minimise disruption as far as possible, and take immediate action where levels exceed agreed limits. Our system includes instant text alerts to the site manager if noise, vibration or dust (PM 10, PM 2.5 or TSP) limits are breached, as well as access to an online portal where you can review all data.

We have provided the noise and vibration chapter for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a number of major schemes, assessing the magnitude and significance of potential impacts and advising on mitigation measures to protect nearby noise sensitive receptors.