dBx for Planners

Our experience ranges from providing the noise and vibration chapter for major environmental impact assessments (EIA) to simple noise impact assessments for individual premises. We have significant experience in providing noise impact assessments for industrial schemes for submission to the Environment Agency.

A comprehensive noise impact assessment is a key part of many planning applications, whether the aim is to ensure noise intrusion to a building is appropriately controlled for its intended use, or to protect surrounding properties from plant noise, commercial activity noise, entertainment noise or vehicle movements associated with the new development.

This is particularly important for residential schemes where compliance with BS8233:2014 is likely to be a planning requirement, but is also relevant to schools, hospitals, and offices. An assessment of plant noise emissions in relation to BS4142:2014 is also a typical requirement where a development introduces new noise sources into the local environment.

The support we provide includes:

  • Comprehensive noise and vibration surveys.

  • Acoustic modelling to predict noise impact on speculative development.

  • Advice on glazing and ventilation strategy for compliance with relevant standards and planning requirements.

  • BS8233:2014 residential and commercial noise impact assessment.

  • BS4142:2014 plant noise impact assessment.

  • Verification measurements on project completion.

  • Works to discharge noise-related planning conditions.

  • Noise impact assessment for schemes in all sectors.

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