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Consultant on Call – Retainer Service

At dBx Acoustics, we are always looking for ways to support our clients and help them to achieve their goals. We’re pleased to present our ‘Consultant on Call’ package, which will allow you to tap into our expertise whenever you need to, for anything you need.

The idea is a simple one; you can buy a block of our time each month, from as little as one day, at a discount from our normal rate – and you can use that time however you like. We can make measurements, do calculations, review and advise on designs, or be on the end of the phone to answer those niggling questions for you – with two days a month, you could even have a basic noise survey. Unused hours can be rolled over, and we’ll always keep you informed as to how your time is being used.

For any work you need over and above your package, we’ll offer you a generous discount on our normal rates. You can either pass this on to your clients, or use the discount to offset your package costs. You may find that your clients cover the cost of the package while you continue to reap the benefits!

We’re confident that once you start working with us as your ‘in-house’ consultant, you’ll never look back – but we are offering a two-month no-obligation trial so that you can try the service for yourself before you commit.