Noise and Vibration Monitoring

We carefully monitor noise, dust and vibration from construction sites to help minimise disruption as far as possible, and take immediate action when levels exceed agreed limits.

Many Local Authorities require the construction management plan for a development includes consideration of how noise, dust and vibration will be controlled, then provide evidence these controls are in place and that the Contractor is aware of and responsive to any issues. dBx installs units which allow us to provide our clients with the following:

  • Instant text alerts to the site manager if noise, vibration or dust (PM 10, PM 2.5 or TSP) limits are breached.

  • A weekly or monthly report on measured levels at each monitoring location which can be correlated with activities on site.

  • Confidence that any problems arising can be dealt with quickly.

  • Long term, low cost, low maintenance monitoring.

  • Our system monitors levels continuously, giving both the site and the Local Authority added confidence that everything is under control.

The system is flexible, allowing us to monitor only what is needed (for example, just construction noise and dust monitoring but not vibration) or the full suite of noise, dust and vibration monitoring if necessary. We have multiple units which can be deployed on larger sites to ensure all potentially sensitive receptors are covered. The system’s applications aren’t limited to construction and demolition sites either – they can be used at industrial sites for general compliance monitoring, for example, or for long term roadside noise and pollutant measurements.

Here’s our recent work

dBx helps boost productivity in co-working space

As the workplace evolves, more and more people are working flexibly – whether that be late at night, from a sun terrace in Italy, or in a specially designed co-working space.

Clockwise provide the latter – contemporary private offices and shared workspace with flexible membership plans. With sites in Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow, we were delighted to be asked to work on their “new kid on the dock” at the iconic Edward Pavilion on Liverpool’s world-famous Albert Dock.

Appointed by international construction company Ardmac in 2018 and working alongside architects 74, we were asked to help with specifying partitions between the workspaces. Sound insulation is very important for bustling co-working spaces, helping to provide settings that support different activities, such as having private conversations, focused/individual work and collaborative sessions.

We assisted the partition specification and detailing to maintain sound insulation between different workspaces while ensuring we didn’t impact the fabric of the building, which is a 19th century warehouse with preserved original features, including cast iron columns, Victorian brickwork and barrel vaulted ceilings.

We also worked on building services noise control, particularly on the upper floor, which features air handling units sitting on plant decks suspended within the open plan office space.

A historic building on a historic site, we’re proud to have worked on this challenging and exciting project.

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