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Construction Noise and Dust Monitoring

Did you know that dBx Acoustics offers cost effective construction site noise, dust and vibration monitoring? Many Local Authorities require that the construction management plan for development includes consideration of how these [...]
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A Strange Thing Happened…

The strangest things happen on noise surveys… I was going to write a blog about the strangest things that have happened to me when I’ve been out on a survey. [...]
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Noise at Night

Noise at night can be a serious problem.  With increasing housing density in our towns and cities, as well as our 24-hour lifestyles, noise at night is an increasing problem [...]
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Office Acoustics – Demand Better!

What’s the problem with office acoustics?  As Julian Treasure  points out in one of his TED talks, architects and designers tend to focus exclusively on the eyes. “They use them to [...]
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Resolving Noise Disputes

In this week’s blog, we look at neighbour noise disputes – from both the emotional and technical side. The Effect of Disputes on People’s Lives There is no doubt that [...]
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Wind Turbine Noise

Wind turbine noise has long been a contentious issue in the acoustics world. But with the rise of micro generation and the ability for landowners to effectively host a turbine [...]
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