dBx Acoustics

10 Things You May Not Know About Acoustic Consultants

1) We keep strange hours – most surveys need us to measure overnight and at weekends.

2) We can’t measure when it’s raining or windy, or snowing. Not because we are wimps, but because it affects the measurements.

3) We CAN measure when it’s very cold, more’s the pity. We are therefore experts in layering, and the least bulky brands of thermal underwear.

4) Backlit Kindles are a thing of beauty. When I started this career, I had to hope there was a lamp post under which to read a paperback during long night surveys.

5) We aren’t all hi-fi buffs or musicians (though many are).

6) Acoustics is a branch of physics, and also involves a good deal of maths. It’s not all standing around in the cold (hooray!).

7) To succeed as a consultant you need to be good at maths and physics but also at writing; translating a technical topic into something for non-experts to understand is what our reports are all about.

8) No two days are the same – you can be working on a high profile HQ building one day, and down a sewer the next.

9) One of the secret joys is seeing things that many people don’t – amazing rooftop views, an abandoned wind tunnel, excavations at the Royal Naval College and hidden underground tunnels in Brighton have been some of my favourites.

10) Observation suggests that most consultants are fuelled by Diet Coke. We’re not sure why this is, but it may be related to point 1.