Exterior of a building, and an interior shot of a hospital room
Exterior of a building, and an interior shot of a hospital room

The Beehive, York

dBx Acoustics was thrilled to be part of the team behind the Beehive in York. A purpose-built centre, the Beehive is thought to be the first of kind in the country and it provides short breaks for children and young people with complex disabilities.

dBx Acoustics provided acoustic design advice as well as a planning noise impact assessment. The project was especially dear to Susan, dBx Acoustics director as both she and her daughter are autistic. Susan is also a member of the Institute of Acoustics Diversity and Inclusion committee.

The facilities at the Beehive include:

  • a safe and accessible space for play and interaction with family members and with staff
  • apartments for children and parents to stay in during longer term assessment of their support needs
  • access to a range of professionals who can help to support families in meeting the children’s needs
  • spacious bedrooms with state-of-the-art hoist and bathing facilities for children who have complex health needs and wheelchair users
  • a larger, open-spaced area and bedrooms for children with learning disabilities or autism
  • quieter self-contained areas that can be used for children who may struggle in a more open, busier environment and where their parents can accompany them so that their needs can be fully assessed
  • an activity area, sensory room and quiet rooms
  • a large outdoor play space with a variety of equipment suitable for children of all abilities.

Find out more about the Beehive here.