Blackberry Headquarters, Maidenhead

In 2018 dBx Acoustics worked alongside Fabric and AreaSq to deliver an acoustically excellent internal design for Blackberry’s new HQ at the Pearce Building, Maidenhead.

The ground floor client meeting room suite, and the event space were key areas of acoustic concern on this project.

Blackberry reported previously experiencing acoustic problems when using video conferencing, which made them keen to avoid such issues in the new HQ. Working in conjunction with Blackberry’s AV specialists to confirm the loudspeaker selection, dBx Acoustics Ltd created acoustic models of the meeting spaces to optimise the quantity and placement of acoustic treatments in the meeting rooms, and to ensure good speech intelligibility, both for those in the room and those on the other end of the teleconference.

The flexible and multi-functional event space is used for meetings, exhibitions and as staff break out space and with a high beamed ceiling and curtain walling, the space was acoustically challenging. We used a computer model to optimise acoustic treatment within the space to allow it to function appropriately. We took a similar approach with the staff kitchen and social spaces.

The dBx team reviewed the acoustic specification of doors and partitions throughout the scheme to ensure they were appropriate to provide speech privacy between critical spaces, for example between HR offices and the surrounding open plan space.

Working on the initial concept and detailed design with Fabric, AreaSq appointed dBx Acoustics to monitor changes made to the design and materials during the construction phase. Ultimately, this ensured the client took possession of spaces which both look, and sound, amazing.