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Acoustics for flats, houses and rooms for residential purposes

If you’re building any sort of residential project which has party walls and/or party floors, unless you’re using Robust Details, you will need to have them acoustically tested to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations, Resistance to the Passage of Sound.

The requirement for testing applies to houses and flats, as well as “rooms for residential purposes” which includes hostels, hotels, and student halls of residence, and applies to everyone from large housebuilders to individuals converting a house to flats.

It’s also applicable where there is a change of use to residential, for historic properties, or where a new party wall/floor construction is installed.

You must use a tester who is accredited either by the Association of Noise Consultants or by UKAS. Although acoustic testing isn’t especially expensive, beware of those rock-bottom quotes – check whether your tester is approved, or you could be throwing your money away! dBx Acoustics is UKAS accredited.

You might also wish to consider getting specialist acoustic advice during the design stage, as failures in impact and sound insulation testing can be time-consuming and costly to rectify when a project is completed. A small amount spent on a review of your proposals could save thousands in remedial works.

dBx Acoustics is currently going through the Association of Noise Consultants’ application and approval process. In the meantime, we have partnered with accredited testers to provide testing and registration for compliance with Part E and so can help you with all your acoustic design and testing needs. We are currently working on a range of residential schemes, from small residential conversions through to large new build and mixed-use schemes with Mulbury City and Manchester Life, and Clergy Court in Blackburn with Purcell.

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