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Acoustic Design

At dBx we believe interior spaces should sound as good as they look. We work closely with architects and interior designers during the design stages of a project, to ensure acoustic treatments are integrated seamlessly and even used as a design feature. The days of ugly wall panels and school ceiling tiles are long gone.

We are completely independent and free to source products from any manufacturer or supplier to meet the specific acoustic requirements of any interior design project.

Here’s our recent work

dBx Case Studies - Office & Workspace

As we emerge dazed from our home offices and start getting back into the workplace, we are sure to become more aware of the noises around us, which can distract us or prevent us from performing effectively.

In open-plan offices, for example, it can be important to be able to communicate with your immediate team, but you don’t want to be able to hear everything that Loud Howard across the room is describing. Confidentiality in meeting rooms, quiet rooms, and cellular offices, can all be critical too.

In a busy call centre, it’s important that the hubbub of other voices doesn’t distract an individual call handler, or affect a caller’s experience, ability to hear, or perception of privacy.

The acoustic design of workspaces considers all of these factors holistically, balancing specification and detailing with appropriate levels of background noise and room acoustic treatments to enhance productivity and comfort.

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