111 Piccadilly, Manchester

dBx Acoustics supported Bruntwood throughout the redevelopment of the ground floor into flexible co-working space at 111 Piccadilly, Manchester.

Completed in 2020, the project was designed in accordance with the WELL – link to https://www.wellcertified.com/ building standard, which requires consideration of appropriate internal noise levels, privacy between adjacent spaces and room acoustics.

Acoustic concerns for this scheme included providing appropriate control of reverberation in areas including a cafe, open plan shared workspace and meeting rooms, while retaining the exposed coffered concrete soffit which is a feature of the building.

Where workspace is shared, privacy during meetings becomes especially important. To this end all partitions to meeting rooms, including doors and glazed panels, were acoustically specified. A folding partition dividing the largest meeting room was installed to meet the specific acoustic criteria.

dBx Acoustics supported the project with a noise survey and noise impact assessment for new items of external plant, and an assessment of noise break-in and noise emissions via the retained facade.

dBx Case Studies - Office & Workspace

As we emerge dazed from our home offices and start getting back into the workplace, we are sure to become more aware of the noises around us, which can distract us or prevent us from performing effectively.

In open-plan offices, for example, it can be important to be able to communicate with your immediate team, but you don’t want to be able to hear everything that Loud Howard across the room is describing. Confidentiality in meeting rooms, quiet rooms, and cellular offices, can all be critical too.

In a busy call centre, it’s important that the hubbub of other voices doesn’t distract an individual call handler, or affect a caller’s experience, ability to hear, or perception of privacy.

The acoustic design of workspaces considers all of these factors holistically, balancing specification and detailing with appropriate levels of background noise and room acoustic treatments to enhance productivity and comfort.

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