dBx Jargon Buster - ProPG

Welcome to the dBx Acoustics jargon buster! In this section, we list some common acoustic terms as well as standards and guidance you may be asked to comply with. If there’s something you need to know that we haven’t covered here, please let us know.


ProPG: Planning & Noise (Professional Practice Guidance on Planning & Noise) – New Residential Development is intended for use for new residential developments on land exposed to transportation noise. The guidance proposes a two-stage approach; an initial site risk assessment to be carried out before any planning application is made, and a full assessment where four key elements are considered in detail to produce an Acoustic Design Statement.

The Acoustic Design Statement must demonstrate consideration of good acoustic design (including providing adequate ventilation and avoiding overheating), compliance with noise levels in dwellings and external amenity areas, and the consideration of any other relevant issues.